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before letting the kidnapping case go new doubts about a criminaltrial. what the judge wants first before letting the kidnapping case go forward. a death in san francisco is prompting a criminal investigation. and up close look at the demolition efforts following the pipeline explosion in san bruno. >> goodevening. it's friday september 24th. i'm gasia mikaelian, this is bay area news at 7:00. a federal judge in san jose removed a major hurdle setting the stanl for california's first execution in more than four years and it might happen next week. executions have been on hold since february 2006 when the district judge thought that california's procedure was unconstitutional.
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they built a new death chamber and constituted a new single- drug. he was convicted of raping a murdering a 15-year-old girl in 1980. the legal experts say that brown still has avenues to appeal. >> i think it's impossible to predict and there's too many legal uncertainties. we have court cases going b on in state court and federal court. >> the judge has given brown the choice of the three drug method previously used or the new single-drug method. we have an entire section covering the death penalty on our home page. just click the tab at the top of our home page we're learning the details of a death of an inmate. the man's death is sparking a criminal investigation and now a lawsuit.
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christian is live with the details. >> he is saying he was killed by deputies and now san francisco police are investigating. more than a year after his death, san francisco's medical examiner's office released their report on downs. he died on the sixth floor jail last september. according to the medical examiner, deputies tried to move him to an isolated cell because he was bullying the other inmates and the report goes on to say that the 6'1" was struggling with deputies and after moving him to a padded cell, downs began gasping for air. ruled his death a homicide. now the san francisco district attorney's office and police department are investigating. >> they go through all the same
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procedures they would. this is ongoing investigation and hopefully in a few weeks they'll have some findings. >> while investigators look into the homicide, jerry green an attorney representing down's family is preparing it. >> they ruled there was an act of the deputies that caused his death. >> the sheriff's deputy issued a statement saying there were sorry the death occurred and believes all department procedures were followed properly. green says if that's the case, then those procedures need to change. >> for force to be applied on his back which ultimately kills him t policies have to be scrutinized. >> green says that downs was mentally ill. she is planning to file the paperwork on monday. no word on this point on how much she'll be seeking.
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>> a county judge suspended criminal proceedings against the ald kidnapper pending a mental evaluation. he is alleged of holding her captive for 18 years. the judge says he has concerns for the confidence to stand trial based on own observation and the attorney said in more than 20 visits, she's had persistent trouble with him. >> and somebody wants to go to trial for crazy reasons or want to not go to trial for crazy reasons, that person is not confident, and that's what we're talking about. >> and district attorney says he's certain that he will be found competent. they did not halt preelgds his wife nancy. three members of one family were laid to rest today.
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they were among the seven people killed in the september 9th blast and fire. wife and daughter were away from the home when it happened. a private funeral service was held late this afternoon where william had just started his senior year. other heavy equipment hauled out debris from the ruins of dozens of destroyed homes and reporters were allowed into the fire zone for a look at the work that for many of the workers has become a personal task. >> except for the chimney still standing, there is little to demolish. they scooped up gutted car and is chipped away concrete walls and foundations of the 37 homes destroyed in the gas pipe explosion. today san bruno police allowed media a close up look at the clean up effort. >> as far as i'm concerned, i'm
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treating as though this is my property, my home. >> the environmental health director says that the goal is to prevent a public health hazard while respecting property owners. >> there are some homes where the walls have fallen down, and if it looks like there's anything down there, we'll shut the equipment down, bring the home onners back in. >> the county is paying for the clean up and will seek reimbursement later as they work to clear one lot, there were flowers where at least one of seven lives were lost. >> we are taking this serious. they are our neighbors. >> water is being used to keep potentially harmful con tam nents from become airborne. the concern is that rain could spread them and create a health hazard.
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the goal is to complete the removal by mid-october. >> i don't have to be in a position to deal with the run off that's going to come off these properties. that would be a task near impossible. >> the county says they have no hard deadline to complete this work, just a goal, and that could be set back if for example they find personal items in the debris of one of these homes and have to bring the homeowner back in. in san bruno ktvu channel 2 news. >> a surprise today at the united nations summit in new york as the berkeley graduate freed met face to face with iran's president. shara shourd her mother, and the president of iran talked at the u.n. and pleaded for the release of her imprisoned fiance and friends. no video has been released but called it a gracious gesture and it was very personal.
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president barack obama today blasted iran's president for what he called offensive remarks about the september 11th attacks. >> people of all faiths, all ethnicities who see this as the seminal tragedy of this generation for him to make a statement like that was inexcusable. >> during his speech yesterday to the u.n. general assembly, he said most of the world believes that the u.s. staged the attack. president barack obama called the speech hateful and particularly said since it was made in manhattan, so close to ground zero. well a late september warm up is underway, and today might be just the beginning. let's take a quick look at the some of the high temperatures. san francisco hit 81 degrees. san jose topped out at 87. oakland reached 86. santa rosa hit 91. but this could be just a
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prelude of what's to come. our meteorologist will explain and have the five-day forecast for you in just a few minutes. actress lindsay lohan is expected to be released from a los angeles county jail. a judge said the 24-year-old actress to jail this morning for failing a drug test. it meant lohan would stay in custody until october 22nd, but her attorney challenged that decision, and another judge said a $300,000 bail just about an hour ago. the violation stems from her convictions in 2007 for drugs and drunk driving. on this warm weather weekend, san francisco police are warning against street theft. during a wave of robberies, they threatened to shoot victims for cell phones and cash. high-tech devices are easily sold on the street, and victims are preoccupied. they advice people to stay
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aware of surroundings. police say a take over robbery at an upscale retail store appears to be carefully planned. the manager of the home consignment center says that three masked men came into the store today at about 10 dlk. the robbers strayed two employees in the face with pepper spray and then they used a spleage hammer, scooped up the jewelry inside, and took off. >> the employees in the office, we went out to make sure everyone was okay and we were on the phone with 911 seconds after we knew what was happening. >> the two employees that were peppered spray were take b to the hospital and they will examine videos to develop a detailed description of the robbers. two big names in politics are struggling to stay ahead. an exclusive poll shoess mayor
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gavin newsum has a foir-point lead. back in july he had a 9-point lead. the polls did not ask voter ifs that affected their view. and in the state attorney's general race, san francisco district attorney is locked in a tight race is cooley. the republican candidate cooley has a four-point lead. but the percentage of undecided voters increased to 34%. cruise ships are heading into san francisco bay, and why many say it's not enough. comedy and star power on the hearing on immigration. how one lawmaker factored into it. the black widow spider's severe bite
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can cause coma and even death. the african black mamba can kill a man with one bite. but there's an even deadlier predator cigarettes, produced by big tobacco, which take a life every six point five seconds. don't be big tobacco's next victim.
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>> adding a comment note on capitol hill and spent a day working in a farm field. bay area congresswoman invited him to testify about his experience which he did in his character as a talk-show host. they are committing a bill for undocumented farm workers.
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the number of big cruise ships is on the increase. it's consumer editor reports, towers and officials say they want something more. >> it was not packed here the reason the cruise ships that flooded the area have moved on. >> i love them. i look forward to seeing them come into town when they do come. >> unfortunately the snr of cruise ships has been on a five- year downhill slide from 84 visits in 2005 to just 41 this year. next year however 59 ships are already booked and more may come. >> the ship business gets us through the slow times and in the summertime when it first starts out, it really jump- starts the business down here. >> the problem with san francisco's cruise business is, that it's usually for day- trippers. people that just stop for a few hours. to make money in the cruise business for the city j and bay
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area, you have to have ships starting or ening their cruises right here. >> generally you get one, two, three or four nights tacked on in your own city when you have the cities that start or end in your destination. >> to make that happen they hope to have a new modern classy cruise terminal built here. >> you're within walking distance of the ferry building and pier 39 and that's pretty unique. >> if san francisco gets the america's cup, the 2014 completion date could be moved up because the new terminal would provide viewing space for thousands of on lookers from its public plaza. ktvu channel 2 news. >> state attorney general brown has ordered gmac to stop foreclosures until they prove they are complying with state laws. they admitted some employees
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submitted some without verifying the information. brown said that many california homeowners are in clearly in jeopardy since we have the fourth highest foreclosure rate in the nation. stocks just serged today. a positive manufacturing report contributed to today's big jump as the dow soared 197 pounlts. the nasdaq shot up by 56. the drug enforcement agency plans to hold their first ever drug take back day to keep prescription pills away from children. they will except any prescription medications, no questions asked. addiction experts say the first drugs ages 12 to 15 take are pain pills. has a list of drop- off locations in the bay area. just click on web links. a warning tonight for residents on the peninsula of a mountain lion near an elementary school.
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the sitings happened yesterday and this morning in unincorporated county and considered rural and mountain lion sitings are not unusual, but they plan to keep a close eye on that area during the coming days to make sure that neighbors are safe. well it is friday night meaning it's time for high school football game of the week. this week's match up is union city and jeff is out life in you knowoion city where the colts and patriots are getting underway. >> this game features two of the best teams heritage is a team that comes in with a 3-0 record and logan a team that's 2-1. and heritage's wins have been impressive and won by over 40 in two games and scoring over 60 point inside one of those three wins. i talked to their head coach just before game time and asked him what makes his team so good. >> we're pretty talented.
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we have a lot of speed a lot of seniors so we're pretty good in all areas. last week we through the ball a little bit so we have a hard working group of guys and dedicated in the off season. >> you're relatively new school, and the fact that you put a program together the way the school has. what do you attribute that to? >> good players. we have a great coaching staff that have stuck together since the beginning, and we dedicated our first three years to getting this thing rolling. >> you've been there since day one. >> it feels good. you don't look back on it until the year over, but we've done good things, but we have a long way to go. >> right now these two teams have traded possessions in the 1st quarter. they're scoreless. that is our game of the week. we'll have highlights tonight
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on the 10:00 news. another point to note the giants lead the rockies 2-1 in the 8th inning in the first game of that important three- game series going on in denver. we'll have highlights at 10:00. until then reporting life in union city. >> shakespeare is preparing to take over the island the cast of hamlet put the finishing touches on the rock. a group of actresses is putting on the production and b spent the past two years weaving together the theme and island's history. the audience plays a role. the first scene takes place as visitors arrives and then follow the show as it moves around the island. opening night is next saturday. it's almost a half ton and worth hundreds of millions of dollars. but everyone is asking who really owns it. and are you ready for hot? some neighborhoods may soonbe in for triple digit temperatures.
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>> unhealthy air and higher temperatures have prompted air quality managers to declare it bad air day.
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bay area residents are asked to limit their driving and avoid emitting exhaust. elderly peep, young people should stay inside or reduce their times outdoors. we did talk about triple-digit temperatures. here is our meteorologist to flesh that out a bit. >> over the weekend the warmest spots are up in the upper 90s and by monday we could have a few spots on either side of 100 degrees. so air quality will be somewhat of a concern, and also an increase in the fire danger. nothing too extreme, but whenever you have a warm up at this time of year, something we have to watch. right now i can show you this. we have the jet extreme stream north of us, and here is a look at the current observations for concord and livermore. right now at this 7:00 hour, it's 85 degrees in concord. a look outside right now we can show you this looking out
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towards the golden gate bridge with mostly clear skies out there and a bit of haze and as a result we have that spare of the air day and a good bet for sunday into monday. weather story is this. mostly clear skies for this evening. saturday, sunday, monday, warm to hot, and is it extended forecast you have to wait for that cooling trend to come for a few days. and 70s for the beaches, warmest location inland on track to reach the mid-90s. high pressure in command of our weather and that's sinking air mass warming air mass and the key is offshore winds north early winds in place, that brings the warmer air closer to the immediate shore line and as a result fire danger and a bit warmer for saturday, and a bit warmer into sunday and monday, and the hottest day of the upcoming period and could have neighborhoods inland 100 degrees.
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great beach weather but be careful of the rip currents until monday. the coastal spots 75 to 80 degrees and could have low 80s out there as well. santa rosa 94, oak lapd upper 80s, livermore 90, san jose 91 and these temperatures on average 2 to 4 degrees warmer than today's highs. the warming will continue into sunday with plenty of sunshine into monday warm to hot, cooling begins on tuesday, still pretty hot inland and then really kicks in as we head into wednesday of next week. >> thank you, mark. a legal fight is about to begin in los angeles over who owns the world's second largest emerald. it weighs 850 pounds. it was unearthed in brazil in 2001 but was stolen in 2008 and wound up on ebay before they seized it. starting next monday they will hear testimony from three would- be owners.
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one a man says he paid $60,000 for it and currently appraised at more than $372 million. that is our report for tonight. i'm gasia mikaelian. our coverage continues online at and with tonight's 10:00 news. tmz is up next right here on tv 36.
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